Everyone knows that children love music, but there is mounting evidence that music is also an early learning highway to intellectual growth. In the 1990s a physicist at the University of California designed a research project by observing two groups of preschoolers.  One group took piano lessons and sang daily in chorus.  The other did not.  After 8 months the musical 3-year olds were expert puzzlemasters, scoring 80% higher than their playmates did in spatial intelligence.  Musical training, which develops the ability to visualize and organize objects in multi-dimensional space, is a powerful building block for more advanced skills of reason and logic, mathematics and engineering.

Experts agree there is a critical "learning window" in children ages three to ten when music can have a significant impact on intellectual development. Nonetheless American schools average one music teacher for every five hundred students, according to the National Commission of Music Education.  In today's world of shrinking budgets, often the first target of financial cuts in education is the arts.

TOON IN MULTIMEDIA was created to bridge the gap between our growing understanding of the importance of music in early learning development and the shrinking opportunities for music education in our schools.  Its user-friendly format engages children to learn music intuitively. They watch.  They listen. They do.  Through the fun of exploring and playing musical games, they learn. They discover. They create.  The child, playing and learning with a minimum of adult intervention, enjoys confidence in his/her growing abilities.