So far I had managed to get some pretty good treble and bass sounds, but where was the rhythm section?  So it was back to the recycle bin for some more inspiration.  Whenever we buy fresh veggies and fruits we wind up with a pile of "baggies" from the supermarket.  They've always been a source of recycling angst for me. But recently one of the drug stores in our neighborhood started recycling all plastic bags.  I picked a medium sized one out, washed it well with dishwashing detergent and let it dry.  I had a half-cup of left-over uncooked rice which I emptied into the "baggie".  I folded the top over and wrapped several different colored rubber bands around it, making a handle -- and presto -- a maraca for my Rubberband Band!  Of course you can substitute beans or seeds for the rice -- anything you don't mind getting rid of. Paper bags work just as well as plastic "baggies", and can be decorated with tempera paint, crayons or acryllic paint.

 There was still some of that uncooked rice left and I wanted another rhythm instrument.  I found plenty of empty yogurt containers.  But  first they needed a little decorating (more fun for the kiddies). I sealed the top with some plastic wrap and - you guessed it - a rubber band!  Then I added 3 more rubber bands from top to bottom to give this rhythm instrument a special sound.

 My Rubberband Band is sounding pretty good these days. It brings to mind an old saying that goes something like this "One man's garbage is another man's treasure."  Happy treasure hunting!

 Here's what these rhythm instruments look and sound like:

baggie maraca sound

yogurt cup sound