Rubberband Band Day 3

DAY 3: I needed some lower, mellow sounds for my band.  After all, we don't want all our instruments to sound the same.  I spotted some plastic berry containers in our recycle bin.  Gave them a good scrub-down - which I would strongly suggest to avoid unwanted bacteria from the remains of the fruit. Hot water and some elbow grease also got rid of the labels. These containers had something that the others didn't which altered the quality of the sound. They had grooves to guide the positioning of the rubber bands. Also there were small holes on the sides - probably for drainage.  I found that by covering the holes with my fingers as I plucked the bands the resonance of the sound changed drastically. And because the plastic was a lighter weight the containers themselves vibrated when a band was plucked. So the sound had a percussive effect as well. Of course these containers can be decorated too. Next: rhythm instruments to complete the band.

Here's what these home-made instruments look and sound like.

3-string box sound

4-string box sound