DAY 2: I started thinking about other items in my recycle bin that would make an interesting sound box and still be small enough to wrap a rubber band around. Our kitchen pantry is chock full of plastic take-out containers (another favorite hoarding item of my husband's). For the past few weeks I had been sneaking a few out each night and moving them to our recycle bin to make some room on our pantry shelves for things we actually need. Now here's an item I know every household has too many of. Why not make these a part of my Rubberband Band.  A little acrylic paint (with just a drop of water) and the containers were transformed into decorative sound boxes.  Next came the rubber bands, and to my surprise the sound had more depth and strength.  What a great arts & crafts/music/science project!!!  Changing the thickness and position of the rubber bands made a huge difference in the pitch (high and low sound).  Not only that - just like a real string instrument, I could make the sound higher by putting one finger on a string while a plucked it with my other hand.  The larger the plastic container, the more depth to the sound.  Try it with your kids. For even more amplification, place the container on a wooden surface and then pluck or strum the bands.

More discoveries to follow.

Here's what my home-made instruments look and sound like.

tune played on small container

tune played on larger container