Central Park Rhapsody

It was a very hot Saturday in August. I decided to go down to the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park to cool off a bit. There's a fabulous tunnel opposite Bethesda Fountain where many musicians come to make music. Two very talented string players were playing the Pachelbel Canon - so soothing to the soul on a hot day. A few minutes later they they were joined by a vocal group (4 children and 2 adults) in a lovely contemporary setting of the "Ave Maria." Tourists and native New Yorkers alike stopped to listen.

But while they were performing, another drama was unfolding. Bethesda Fountain is a favorite backdrop for wedding photographers, and behind the musicians there was a rehearsal going on for a photo shoot. I must say I was really annoyed with the photographer who was shouting out directions, completely oblivious to the performance going on in front of him. 

And then in one magical moment, as if the Master Choreographer had arranged it, it all came together - music, musicians, wedding party in one beautiful collaboration.  Sometimes I really, really LOVE N.Y.